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UPDATE: This entire article and the accompanying podcast is an intentional scam, designed to set up the information we developed for our June 20 Podcast. The rapist is an actual convicted rapist. but he is NOT the Sonoran Conservative. We used this to enrage the SC to get him to slip up and reveal himself. It worked!

Here is a photo of Mike Jackson from his high school yearbook. So young, such promise? Who knew he would turn out to be a child rapist?

Mike Jackson, 1984 Future Child Rapist

Mike Jackson, 1984

Now, is Michael David Jackson of Spanaway, WA, from his “Been Verified” profile.

Michael David Jackson, Current Child Rapist

Michael David Jackson

Using the “Betaface” software online, here’s a comparison of the two faces. No tweaking. No editing.



He comments on posts as “MJ”. Click his avatar, you are whisked to his website, “The Sonoran Conservative.” He writes about starting high school in Sonora in 1980.

Like tbe trapped animal it is, he denies he is who he is.

Actually, there is another one in La Habra, in Orange County. But you were born in Tuolumne County. That’s where Sonora is. And it’s not likely you would call yourself the “Sonoran Conservative” if you lived in La Habra, is it?

Now, your “Sonoran Conservative” blog begins with a January 2015 entry about starting high school in Jimmy Carter’s final year in office, which would be 1980. A check of the 1984 yearbook came up with only one “MJ” and that’s Michael David Jackson.

Again, remember the birth date. 11/6/1965.



You married Tina July 1999. You fucked her 10-year old daughter 130 days later. Then you started fucking the 15-year old.

What a NAUGHTY daddy rapist!

Jackson by BillSchmalfeldt on Scribd

Now, there are two courses MJ/SonoranConservative/Michael David Jackson can take.

Wait for the Federal Summons… or…

Drop me a DM and let’s see what we can do to figure this out.

Either way, I got you. And you know it.

Now if you want to preen for your supporters, people who hate ME more than they hate Child Rape, that’s your business.

But unless I hear from you, you WILL be called into Federal Court to answer for your defamatory posts.

Now, the podcast.


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