They Came All That Way for Nothing

Poor lickspittles. Traveling across country for nothing. Again.

Word is there was quite a gathering at the Carroll County Circuit Courthouse all set to witness my humiliation. They were turned away, disappointed. Again.

But not before eating STEAK!

Don’t worry, Onyx! They didn’t get me. But they got shitty steak!

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    • You keep guaranteeing victory in court. Then, when you lose, you proclaim you foresaw your defeat which makes it a victory. Don’t worry, John. If I should outlive you, I will see to it that your grave is well-watered with my kidney-filterings.

    • What’s the matter, Hoge? Strain getting too much for you?

      You should retire. Take pension. Write your memoirs.

      • Wishing a recently widowed woman to be widowed again in short order is just a new low. Perfect example of the modern Republican, tbh.

  1. Can you *just one time* not be an asshole, Hoggy? I mean, just once? Or are you so wrapped up in your hatred that you can not even *once* think of someone other than yourself? Wait, why am I even asking that question? Of course you are. It must be a really sad life, so wrapped up in hating another human being that you can’t even let *go* of it. Very unhealthy way to live, but I doubt very much that you care.

    This is why I don’t understand the neoconservative mindset. All of you, so hateful and bigoted and nasty that it consumes you to the point that there is nothing else in life that you enjoy. You know why Bill, despite having advanced stage Parkinsons, will outlive you? He has other things in life aside from hating you. Hell, he doesn’t even really hate you. You aren’t *important* enough to hate. You don’t have *enough* to you to hate, and to be honest, I don’t even hate you. I *pity* you for being so desperate for attention that all you have for it is to whip up hate for a man that has never hurt anyone in his life.

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