Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stop Worrying About SPQRzilla!

By , in Lawsuit on .

There is no need for Sarah Palmer, Patrick Grady, WJJ Hoge III or Eric P. Johnson to worry about Robin Dale Roberts, who we revealed a month ago as the owner of the anonymous “SQPR” troll tag.

I did not carry out my promise to add him to my Federal Lawsuit or to expose him to the Colorado Media since he went “tharn” and dummied up since the expose on his activities published on July 24.

He had been nice and quiet. Until today.

Well, we can’t have people spreading defamatory nonsense like that, now can we?

The missiles have already been launched. It is a measured, proportionate retaliatory response. First I warned him about what was coming, then I launched the missiles.

He knows what’s coming. So does his wife.

Nothing for any of our downtrodden Lickspittle friends to concern themselves with.

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