Thursday, December 14, 2017

‘Paul Krendler’ Continues to Fuck Patrick Grady

I feel sorry for Defendant Patrick Grady, facing a multitude of counts in my impending Federal Lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of South Carolina. I really do. I’m just not sure why.

Is it because he is so far detached from reality that he doesn’t understand that I have already proven that the pseudonymous “Paul Krendler,” creator and host of the grossly and profanely libelous hate blog is, in fact, Patrick Grady, lately of Glenview Heights, IL. I mean, beyond a shadow of a doubt proof which I will not go over again because he knows it’s already been proven?

Or, is it because on the minuscule possibility that I might be incorrect, whoever is acting as “Paul Krendler” these days is sitting back, laughing, allowing Grady to take the heat for him?

I have established Krendler’s true identity. That has been proven by statements made against their self interest by Defendant Sarah Palmer and some hideous harridan calling herself “Jane.”

Here’s how Grady can get out from under the shadow of a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

If someone else is playing the “Krendler” role these days, it is up to that person to prove the evidence pointing to Grady is incorrect. And there is Just. So. Much. Evidence!

That will not happen because Grady, like his alter ego, is a coward. A liar. Someone who attacks from behind cover and then hides from retaliation.

Grady has become so unhinged since his wife dumped him (on the same day she learned from the police what her husband was doing when he was supposed to be working) that he now makes obvious, blatant, libelous statements in his blog and in his comments.

His comments today, for instance, on the discredited blog of recently crushed litigant WJJ Hoge III who had a judge in his OWN HOME TOWN find against him on 12 out of 12 counts in a recent lawsuit.

That last one take a bit of explanation. I claimed that I had difficulty raising my arms over my head. I subsequently published a selfie of me, with my arm raised — not over my head — but with my HAND above my head, braced against a wall. He refers to this photo, where my arm is STILL not raised over my head.

It’s sad. It’s desperate. But it’s Grady, who all of a sudden and with no explanation has decided I am a racist and a coward when it is Grady who posts from under the cover of a false name.

It plays well with his multitude of sock puppet commenters to attack my fiance, just like it played well to post outrageous images, supposedly of my wife after her death. Necrophiliac photos that the Palatine, IL, police confronted him with on the same day his wife realized she was married to a monster.

Grady should take what happened to Hoge yesterday as an object lesson. Or, someone should provide me with proof that Grady is not ‘Krendler.’ Until otherwise informed, Grady IS ‘Krendler’ and will be prosecuted as such as long as my case is allowed to proceed, or until Grady gives in to the shrieking voices in his head and blows his own brains out. Not a tactic I would recommend. But it would be an easy way out for a man who lost his wife, his family, his home and his career in the mindless pursuit of hate.

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