The Liberal Shadow in “The Ghost Walks Again”

The Liberal Shadow! A man of mystery who strikes terror into the very souls of fascist evil-doers everywhere. Bill Schmalfeldt, a man of wealth, a student of science, and master of other people’s minds, devotes his life to righting wrongs, solving crimes, protecting the innocent, and punishing the guilty. Using advanced methods that may ultimately become available to all law enforcement agencies, Schmalfeldt is known to the right wing underworld as The Liberal Shadow; never seen, only heard – as haunting to superstitious minds as a ghost; as inevitable as a guilty conscience. With his friend and constant companion, the lovely Diane Kelley, The Liberal Shadow meets up with danger tonight when — The Ghost Walks Again.  (Adapted from an actual script from “The Shadow”.)

This is, probably, the sort of thing that so aggravates the right wingers stalking my social media, leading them to

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  1. The idea of seeing my father’s ghost does not interest me, Bill. However, seeing the specter of my departed mother, the one for whose care in old age I refused to pay and was taken to court over, would give my little hoggy manhood the jiggle it needs. Alone and mentally ill, I have only memories of my 17 year old self nursing on mommy Hoggy’s teets to pass the time. Her nipples are surprisingly similar to those of Hoggy Jr. whose bosom I suckle on occasion.


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