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MJROD Says Hoggy is LOOKING For Me!

Well? Here I am, Hoge!

While collecting data regarding the number of times Marvin J. Rodriguez, owner of MJROD Business Consulting Services, Inc. in Peoria, AZ, has posted false, defamatory information about me on his “Sonoran Conservative” blog. I came across this wee bon mot, in which he claims that I am “running” from WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, MD, for some reason. Apparently, Hoge has some sort of imaginary fire he needs to hold my calloused feet to in order to keep readers clicking his blog. That explains why he feels compelled to dredge up three- and four-year old posts on a daily basis to laud himself with pretend victories while ignoring the fact that he has never won a civil case against me and the only time he prevailed in peace order cases were due to his willingness to lie to the judge.

But now, The Sonoran Conservative says Hoggy is “after me.”

OK. I give up, Johnny lad. Here I am. What’s your beef, Queef?

In the meantime, Rodriguez has one week from today to apologize for each instance, on his blog and elsewhere while commenting as “MJ”, in which he stated as a fact that I do not have Parkinson’s disease. It’s hard to imagine an easier-to-win libel suit than one in which some juvenile lout claims that a person is faking an illness when that person can prove with abundant evidence that he has been living with the illness for nearly 18-1/2 years.

Oh… how do I know Rodriguez is “MJ”? He told me so on his blog.

So, one week. An apology, on his blog, on Twitter, to me personally via e-mail, and on every blog in which he posted this lie as “MJ.”

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