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Chubby, Aging Frat Boy Thinks Libel Laws Don’t Apply to Him


Behold! A hairless, chubby doughboy who sees himself as a successful business-and-ladies man, Marvin J. Rodriguez of Peoria, AZ. Owner of MJROD Business Consulting Services, Inc. Posts stolen copyrighted pictures from the Hooters calendar on his blog the same way horny 15-year olds tack their fluid-stained Hustler pinups to their bedroom walls. A man who claims to have a “Rule 5” wife (though we’ve never seen a photo of her). I’ve written to him asking for a retraction regarding his numerous posts on his Sonoran Conservative blog and as the commenter “MJ” on other blogs. Stupider than most, Mr. Rodriguez doesn’t beat around the bush, insinuating that I might be faking my Parkinson’s diagnosis. He comes right out and claims it to be a matter of fact.

And kids? That’s libel per se.

He responded… not to me, of course, because that would be a SCARY thing to do… but with mocking further smears on his blog. But it’s clear he’s received my demand for a retraction.

We’ll see how it works out for him.

If this were to go before a court, all I would have to do is prove that I have been diagnosed by competent medical professionals. Mr. Rodriguez would have to prove that he is telling the truth when he tells his readers that I am faking the illness to get a federal pension.

Oh, look! A video shot by NIH in 2007. If MJROD is right, then I must be one HELL of an actor to have fooled so many doctors.

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