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How a Journalist Fools Fools

Marvin John Rodriguez. aka “MJ” aka “@SonoranConserv”

An investigative journalist, like a cop, must sometimes use deception to get to the truth of a story. To maintain the integrity of the scam, it is necessary to for a journalist convince the mark that you are absolutely certain about the thing you want them to believe YOU believe. Such was the case yesterday when we used our show to convince the lickspittle followers of WJJ Hoge III, Patrick Grady and Sarah Palmer that we were CERTAIN of the identity of @SonoranConserv — a mouth-breathing moron who has been harassing your humble editor for years.

They all knew I had identified the wrong person. It was the right person to wrongly identify. A felon who raped his stepchildren. He was the person I pretended to believe to be @SonoranConserv. The felon was a useful patsy. May he rot in hell. What’s he gonna do? Sue me?

At any rate, all concerned were convinced that I was sold on @SonoranConserv being this kiddie raper from Washington State. That’s just what I wanted them to think.

I know how these people act when they believe I am incorrect on an issue. They wave their filthy asses in my face. They KNOW I’ve misidentified the person because they KNOW the ACTUAL ID of the mark. I, for my part. continue to insist that I am correct and that they are supporting a kiddie rapist. They think they know MORE about journalism than the journalist.

This gets them mad. This gets them yapping.

Stupid people, once they start yapping, will eventually say something they will later wish they hadn’t said. They will do something they will wish they hadn’t done. The journalist has to recognize that moment and seize upon it.

In this case, the mark, @SonoranConserv, fucked himself.

Listen to the podcast to find out how.

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