Broadway Bill, Episode 2: Michael Cohen is an Angry Man!

Ya wanna mess with Michael Frickin’ Cohen? Ya wanna end up breathing through a hole in yer frickin’ throat, poopin’ in a bag and pissin’ through a catheter? Wanna drink yer frickin’ dinner through a straw cuz yer frickin’ jaw is broke? Just mess with Michael Cohen, dammit! Cohen ain’t messin’ around as we hear on a tape leaked from a reporter at the Daily Beast and aired on NPR.

Also, we begin a whole new conspiracy theory regarding Trump and the missing immigrant kids. Trump Slapped the Tariffs! Wacky Rudy Riffs Ridiculously! Trump Begs Sessions to Reconsider. Rosenstein Reviewed Reasons for Comey Canning. Trump and Kim go from Mortal Enemies to Bestest Buds. Trump says firing Comey had nothing to do with the Russia investigation except for the fact that he said earlier that it had everything to do with the Russia investigation,

Good clean fun for everyone on this episode of Broadway Bill Chews the News on Blog Talk Radio

2 Replies to “Broadway Bill, Episode 2: Michael Cohen is an Angry Man!”

  1. William Ferguson

    Fuck me that Cohen feller is unhinged!

    1. Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt

      Something tells me that we’re going to be hearing more audio from the poster boy for anger management therapy!


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